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Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer?

The purchase or sale of a home can be the largest & most important transaction in a person’s financial life. There is no better time than now to hire an experienced title attorney who will be on your side, fighting for your rights at every step of the way. The closing process can be difficult at times… especially when complicated title items need to be cleared in order for the transaction to close. Why take the chance and do it on your own? In Tennessee, title work does not necessarily need to be handled by a licensed attorney.. but a little known fact is that hiring a lawyer to take care of your closing should add very little to the closing costs. We encourage our clients to contact us before they sign their contract so that we can be involved from the inception of the deal.

Our Office Handles Both Commercial and Residential Deals.

Whether purchasing your next forever home, an investment rental property, a strip shopping center, a property for your restaurant, or an empty parcel of farm land, our legal team can assist you from contract negotiation through closing. Ramon A. Cue possesses more than a decade of law-practice experience- much of which includes routinely handling cases in court. This equates to an aggressive, comprehensive and pragmatic approach to representation that can greatly benefit the client by adding value and foresight to the transaction and maximizes the results for our client. Our office is partnered with the newest division of Foundation Title & Escrow (FTE). This equates to reliability and first class service and, with more than a dozen offices throughout Middle Tennessee and Kentucky, we can can conveniently close your transaction in any of our sister-offices throughout the region.

Closings Conducted in Our Client’s Native Language.

The word “cierre” means “closing” in Spanish. Our legal team is fluent in Spanish at a native level and we routinely conduct closings in the home-language of our client, which is representative of Middle Tennessee’s vibrant international community. For a client, buying their first home in a new country can be a daunting and scary experience thanks largely to the language barrier. Our office can reduce the emotional impact on the client by conducting a closing in their own language which adds a priceless layer of security and comfort to the clients’ closing experience.

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Whether you are a buyer, a seller, a real estate agent, an investor, a business owner, or a lender looking to fortify your position during the purchase or refinance of a property by having an experienced lawyer on the client’s side, please call our office today for a no-cost evaluation and let us show you what a closing experience with our office can accomplish for you.

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